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Tuition is to be paid on the first of each month. A $10 late fee will be added to all tuition payments that are paid after the tenth of each month. There will be no refund or credit for missed classes. It will be your responsibility to make up a missed class.  Tuition is dependent on the amount of class hours per week and is paid monthly. We offer a $5 discount for families with more than 1 sibling registered.

There are two ways to pay tuition: by APS ( Automatic Payment System), or by check.  So our staff can concentrate on the students rather than collecting tuition, APS is highly encouraged.  If you choose to do check, tuition is $10 more. Your tuition will be drafted from your bank account or credit card on a designated day each month.  All bank and credit information is kept confidential.

NOTICE: If you need to cancel your APS, you must let Michelle know at least one month prior to your desired cancel date.  Otherwise, the cancellation will not be completed until the next tuition month. Please notify Michelle by phone, email, or written letter.

Dancers will perform a minimum of two times per year in December and June.  Costumes are purchased by the students.  The average cost per costume is $75.  There is a $90 non-refundable performance fee due upon registration.  Teams and Companies will participate in Spring Competitions.  

Wearing the correct dance attire to your class is very important.  It emphasizes discipline and professionalism.  It is mandatory that students follow the studio dress code. Dance apparel is available through the studio including sweatshirts, tank tops, t-shirts, and sweat pants.


Companies and Teams– You are required to be in the correct dance attire for your classes.  You will need to purchase a class leotard for ballet and a shorts for jazz.  They will be available through the studio.

Jazz- Your choice of a leotard, tank top or baby-t, along with any type of jazz pants or shorts and jazz shoes of any kind. Teams will wear gore boots and foot thongs.  Hair in a neat bun.

Ballet and Creative– Black leotard or class leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet shoes. Hair in a neat bun.

Hip Hop– Your choice of dance attire and appropriate shoes. Hair pulled back.

"I want to express my sincere gratitude to American Dance Academy, the teaching staff and dancers for the role you have played in my daughters life. You have taught Tayler not only to dance, be a team player, but  have given her the necessary tools to pursue her love and passion. After we moved to Nephi, we thought about moving Tay to another Dance Studio that was a little closer for us to drive because it would be a 1 hr and 15 min drive each way 3 days a week, but we weighed the option and decided that it was worth our time and money that would be involved for Tay to stay with ADA. From the technique to the different styles of dance you have helped her to secure a spot on her High School Drill Team for the past 3 years and because of her training from the staff of ADA she was one of the top Dancers at Juab High School. . When her final performance on the Drill Team was over we didn't hesitate to sign her back up for technique classes so she will be
 able to brush up on the different styles of dance that she wasn't able to do while on the Drill Team so she can dance in College. I personally want to thank you for all you time, effort and hard work that you have put into my daughter so she can have a wonderful life in DANCE. I love each one of you."


- Jodi J., Nephi, UT


"Michelle and all of the American Dance Academy (ADA) staff are nothing short of amazing. My daughter danced with the studio for seven years and enjoyed a tremendous learning and growing experience.My daughter was a very shy, timid little girl who would not leave my side when it was time to go to preschool; elementary school was incredibly tough on her.  After a few years participating in musical

theater she expressed a desire to learn more about dance and we brought her to ADA having no idea what would ensue. She was 11 years old and just about to start junior high. She had already learned a little about being on stage but her insecurities and social anxiety kept her from even coming close to reaching her full potential in theater and in life. Thanks to the instruction of the ADA staff my daughter took to dance like nothing ever before and became a truly beautiful dancer. Thanks to their ability to care, understand, encourage and relate my daughter became a truly beautiful person.  She developed a sense of self. School became more of an opportunity and less of a punishment. Her attitude and her grades improved with her self-esteem and

although she still has  a little trouble meeting new people she has a true understanding of team work and is more than willing to give 100% rather than hang out in the background.

Today, she is not afraid to stand tall and proud. Her strength and confidence amazes me every single day. My shy, timid, insecure little girl is now 18 just graduated high school and not afraid to go after what she really wants in life. Next month she will be moving away from home to attend her college ofchoice and she’s looking forward to it!

I have a truly heartfelt appreciation for Michelle and her staff. They reached something in my daughter I was unable to reach on my own. I do not believe she would be the wonderful, strong, confident person she is today without American Dance Academy’s influence in our life. She is forever part of team, part of the blue wall and the blue wall will forever be a part of us."


Symantha J., Bluffdale, UT



"My daughter has been dancing with ADA for a little over 8 years, so the studio is like her second home. She is in love with every teacher and enjoys going to dance every week. ADA provides her a fun and professional atmosphere as well as teaching her to have self discipline. Teachers work hard to improve themselves and look for opportunities to go and to teach and study dance which in turns improves the students at ADA. They encourage the students to become better dancers by focusing more on having fun and improving themselves in all aspects of dance instead of whether or not they win at every competition. I feel the dancers push themselves to do well and win at competitions because they want to make their teachers proud and show them that they love and appreciate them. Whether just beginning or advanced, dances are fun, creative, and push every dancer to improve. My daughter is the only girl in our family and she has always wanted a sister, but she says
 she feels like all the dancers are her sisters, ADA has that unity of being one big happy family as they share their love and passion of dance. As a mom I always feel included in that passion and I have complete trust in the whole studio, I know when I drop her off at dance each week that she is safe with her dance moms and sisters and that they are shaping a part of her life."

Lori A., West Jordan, UT



"Emma has taken dance from ADA for a year.  She likes going to the studio because they have taught her many new things. They always make it fun and aren’t harsh with the

children.  Allie is her favorite teacher. The costumes are beautiful and it is nice that they use them more then once. As a mom it’s wonderful because she always wants to go."


Molly H., Herriman, UT


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