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We believe dancers should be well-rounded in their dance training.  We encourage dancers to train in all genres to reach their full potential .  Our program is structured around teams starting at age 5 where dancers spend equal time training in jazz and classical ballet.  As they progress, they begin training in hip hop, lyrical, pointe, contemporary and basic tumbling.  Students are pushed in a positive manner to reach intermediate and advanced levels of dance without the requirement of devoting all of their after-school time to the studio.  Students will, however, be taught the importance of committment and dedication to their team.  Placements for Pre Elite, Elite, Premier, and Prestige Teams will be held in June following our Spring Recital.   For our preschool-age dancers, we offer creative classes.  Creative is ballet based, but students learn a variety of basic dance movement in jazz and character, as well.  Creative teaches rhythm, musicality, cooperation, and basic discipline.​



Mini Team: ages 4-5 (Pre-K/ Kindergarten) $65/month

          Ballet/Jazz combo- Wednesday 4:00-5:00



Junior Team: ages 6-8 (K-2nd grade)  $80/month

          Jazz/Ballet combo- Friday 2:15-3:30

          opt. Hip Hop- Friday 3:30-4:15 (add $15)



Pre-Elite 2 Team: ages 8+(2nd-4th grade)  $97/month

          Ballet- Friday 4:15-5:15

          Jazz- Monday 4:00-5:00

         Hip Hop (opt.) Friday 3:30-4:15(add $15)


Pre-Elite 1 Team: ages 9+  $137/month

         Jazz/Ballet- Monday 5:00-7:00

          Ballet/Jazz- Wednesday 5:00-7:00

          Hip Hop- Tuesday 6:00-7:00


Elite Team: ages 12+ $180/month


3:30-4:45- Ballet

4:45-6:00- Jazz/Lyrical



3:30-5:00- Ballet

5:00-6:30- Jazz/Lyrical


5:15-6:15- Hip Hop


Premier Team: ages 13+ $182/month


8:30-10:00- Hip Hop


7:00-8:30- Lyrical

8:30-9:45- Ballet



6:30-8:00- Jazz

8:00-9:30- Ballet

Prestige Team: ages 15+ $182/month


7:00-8:30- Ballet

8:30-10:00- Hip



7:00-8:30- Lyrical

8:30-9:45- Jazz 


8:00-9:30- Ballet

*Elite, Premier, and Prestige teams are by placement*



Yearly Fees:

Registration/Performance Fee: $80 upon Reg.

Costume Fees: (Fall) tbd per class

Competition Fees: (Spring) tbd per class



*These class times are for the 2020-2021 dance season beginning August 2020. We are currently accepting registration for the new season. Please contact Michelle for registration information. Brochures will be available at the studio, as well as through text and email.
Individual Classes

Tiny Tots Creative Dance $60/month- ages 3-4:

Monday 9:30-10:30

Beginning Hip Hop $45/month- Friday 3:30-4:15

Beginning/Intermediate Hip hop 2 $45/month- Tuesday 6:00-7:00

Intermediate/Advanced Hip Hop $45/month- Friday 5:15-6:15

* if you are enrolled in Mini, Junior, or Senior Team, you can enroll in Hip Hop for

$15 a month.



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